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fire enamel over metal

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This community wants to be a meeting place for enamellers and anyone interested in fire enamel over metal. If you don't know what fire enamel is, Glass on Metal Magazine's site - Introduction to Enameling is a good start.

Share your work, ask for advice, post about events, or anything (fire) enamel-related.

Please be polite and post all your images except one or two under a cut, and please stay away from very big pictures. 500 or 600 pixels wide is a good guideline.

Please post your entries in English, other languages are allowed, but please include a translation to English. We all want to understand what is it that you are posting about. Entries that do not comply will have to be removed.

Any post that is considered unrelated or tasteless will be deleted.

When you join, it would be nice to introduce yourself and explain what moved you to join us.

This community is managed by medvssa, don't hesitate to ask any question. You can leave a comment in my journal.

Feel free to promote this community with the use of this banner.